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About ShalePumps

Black gold is truly the best description to sum up the value of oil. One of the most important contributors to change and industrialization, it drives the wheels of progress. ShalePumps is headquartered in Houston, the global oil capital. Headed by experts, it has a vision to support the industry with superior completion equipment. Frac operators, drilling contractors and well service companies source rely on ShalePumps for superior quality.

The key personnel of ShalePumps have a combined experience of more than a hundred years. This experience is reflected in the quality of our equipment. The fracking pumps, components and all services are much sought after for reliability and long life. This is because of the processes we follow. The design, materials, precision engineering and expertise contribute to an advanced assembly line.

The heavy duty rugged equipment that have left our assembly lines and the services we offer include:

  • fracking pumps
  • drilling mud pumps
  • quintuplex drilling pumps
  • well service pumps
  • mud pump fluid end modules
  • rotary table
  • welding services
  • metal sheet fabrication services

All equipment are developed in close co-ordination with experts in the industry. Our fracking pumps have excelled where others have struggled.

ShalePumps has consistently delivered high quality completion equipment to all stakeholders. The mission is to develop faster, rugged and efficient equipment to help the Oil and Exploration Industry. The vision is to continue leading the race with the best quality in completion equipment.