Testing Standards

ShalePumps, LLC adheres to its reliability promise,  ensuring testing standards are in compliance with the most current industry regulations. The ShalePumps, LLC team puts our products through the highest degree of scrutiny – we stand by our work.

During our manufacturing and assembly process, we maintain a strict format that has been critical to ensuring product quality. If any material defects or assembly situations arise because of this process, we correct the matter immediately and record the occurrence for future planning. After complete pump assembly and final inspections, the pumps are cycle tested to assure quality of design and materials.

To further emphasize our quality promise, we have attached a downloadable PDF. Please click herefor the full document.


Safety Standards

ShalePumps, LLC understands the importance of safety. We maintain compliance with laws, rules, regulations and internal controls.

ShalePumps, LLC is committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities, including our workforce and the public. We will not compromise the health and safety of any individual in conducting our projects. We will provide a safe and healthy working environment and will expect our workforce to comply with the health and safety practices established for their protection. We will safeguard the environment and will operate in a manner consistent with recognized American industry standards regarding the environment, health and safety.

In all our operations, we will strive to make efficient use of resources to minimize our environmental footprint and protect the environment.

It is not possible to anticipate every safety and health hazard or environmental condition. Therefore, our safety protocol is to provide a framework of reference and knowledge so our employees, supervisors and management will be able to make educated decisions.