ShalePumps offers superior services to Oil Exploration sector through pump testing, welding and fabrication. Our manufacturing prowess has largely been possible due to the machinery, the processes and our bench strength. Our technicians are veterans in their trade, with extensive experience in the industry. Our experts are exposed to the latest automated machinery, which when combined with their skill and knowledge, creates a mind-boggling powerhouse of efficient services.

Our fabrication services are hailed as benchmarked standards, achieving dimensions that never exceed tolerance values. The precision of the fabrication we achieve are standards that others attempt to emulate. The welders, fitters and technicians on our team have sound knowledge of the principles of engineering in addition to actual on the job experience.

ShalePumps welding services guarantee robust quality in the welded critical components. As stakeholders in Oil Exploration, we possess extensive knowledge of the expectations, requirements and the conditions in which various equipment operate. This gives us valuable inputs on the desired output quality. The processes we follow, the strict adherence to quality measures, and the superior quality materials we use combine with knowledge to offer exemplary services.

The pumps we test prepare them for working in harsh conditions. Every minute vibration, noise, or sluggish performance is recorded for rectification. Our testing standards are unforgiving, preparing the equipment for battle like conditions. Pumps that clear our tests will outperform all other equipment of similar class in a manner that will be incredible to digest in the beginning. But, we at ShalePumps know that, over time, you will get used to the qualitative difference and accept nothing less than the highest standards.

At ShalePumps, the services we offer are a way of our regular process. We swear by quality in everything we do. As a consequence, our clients carry out their operations with the assurance that behind the service lies the unmistakable stamp of ShalePumps quality.