The synchronous reciprocating motion of drilling mud pumps operating at optimized speed, symbolize the steady but continuous operations of oil exploration and production. ShalePumps, as a recognized quality producer of high quality drilling mud pumps constantly strives to pull out an improvised and operation enhancing equipment from the assembly lines. SP-2200L drilling mud pumps are an instance of enhanced engineering and precision.

Firing optimized pump speeds, and comprising of superior materials, the drilling mud pumps are designed to operate effortlessly. To enable easy replacement of high wear components, the design incorporates a fast access mechanism, to reduce downtime.

The drilling mud pumps have been developed and manufactured by factoring in the structural demands as a result of long runs. The components are manufactured from superior materials like high strength steel frames, forged steel crankshaft, metal liners and high capacity bearings.

The combination of tested materials and engineering excellence has helped ShalePumps to consistently deliver the needs of the industry in advance. The drilling mud pumps perform in mechanical harmony to standards that overrun industry performance parameters such as displacement and pressure. At ShalePumps, the desired parameters of performance of pumps are by default, pegged higher than industry requirements.

ShalePumps is proud to introduce the 2200 HP continuous duty triplex drilling mud pump with a twin rear set mounted electric drive.

2200 HP Continuous Duty Triplex Drilling Mud Pump
Engineering Image – TriplexDrilling Pump