An expendable needs to be dependable until its replacement. This is the very essence of the approach at ShalePumps towards all components, classified as expendables in Oil Exploration and Production. Mud Pump Fluid End Modules are absolutely vital to the operations of a Mud Pump. Machined from the highest quality of forged material, the fluid end modules have a very high threshold for cracking. This lends the fluid end modules longer life which in turn has a positive effect on overall operations.

Lesser downtime for maintenance and replacement are two crucial factors that enhance operational efficiency of the mud pumps. All fluid end modules that leave the plant at ShalePumps got through a battery of tests that include hydrostatic testing. With assured integrity of the materials that go into all fluid end modules, the mud pumps can be operated with greater confidence.

The residual stress testing procedures are rigorous and translate into steady performance under exerted pressure in operations. All fluid end modules that go into the mud pumps are tested through scientifically proven fabrication techniques. Part of the reason why our expendables are always dependable till the extended duty cycle comes to the end of its operational life.